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🚀 Includes instant, lifetime access to all 20+ presentations NOW ($1000 value)

🎧 Private podcast version of the Summit sessions so you can listen to them all, right now, from your favorite podcast app. ($250 value)

🔥 Over $2500 in premium bonus courses from our speakers! (Get all the details on what’s included here)

Side Hustle Power Pack
Side Hustle Power Pack

THE side hustle power pack includes OVER $2500 IN BONUSES

The SUMMIT All-Access Pass

Instant, lifetime access to all 20+ sessions NOW and a private podcast version of the Summit sessions so you can listen to them all, right now, from your favorite podcast app.

Total Value: $1250


Shannon Mattern

How to plan, schedule + prioritize so that you have time to build your business on the side of your day job.

Regular Price: $197

Websites That make money

Shannon Mattern

How to monetize your website from day one with passive income – no need to wait until you build a big email list!

Regular Price: $497


Shannon Mattern

How to jumpstart your website traffic without ads, algorithms or spending 24/7 on social media.

Regular Price: $97

Prep to Scale™ FastTrack

Autumn Witt Boyd

Create your business’s legal plan with real, actionable steps to help you scale on a solid legal foundation.

Regular Price: $27

Jumpstart Your Virtual Assistant Business in 4 Quick Steps!

Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook

This 4-step mini-course was created for people intrigued about what it takes to become a kickass Virtual Assistant. Give us an hour of your time to work through four quick steps to find out if becoming a VA is right for you!

Regular Price: $99

Breakthrough to Excellence™: How To Start Your Business Without The Headaches

Jasmin Haley

You have this amazing idea and you want to share it with the world. You know you can help others solve their problem but you have no clue how to start your business. Save yourself some headaches by learning from entrepreneur Jasmin Haley. She successfully took her side hustle and grew it from $0 to 6-figures without a business degree! She is a healthcare provider turned professional speaker, national educator, and business coach.

Regular Price: $399

Getting your Business Legally Legit Audit

Girija Patel

Don't know where to start when it comes to the law and your business? Well, “Getting your Business Legally Legit Audit” will get your business and you better positioned to tackle legal issues and also to protect your business! Easy guide and worksheets on areas of law in your business that you can use some TLC!

Regular Price: $47

Create Your Virtual Career: 5-Day Training

Kathy Goughenour

This is for professional women who are interested in exploring a career as a Virtual Assistant. They will discover the hot niches in the VA industry, how much they can earn, and what their time and financial investments will be. This is a 5-session training with action items to complete each day.

Regular Price: $97

"High Five" Email Welcome Sequence TEMPLATE

Kelsey Formost

My #1 email template & most popular evergreen offer! My proven, fill-in-the-blank “high five” email welcome sequence is based on years of research & nurtures your new subscribers right out of the gate so they immediately feel like they know you, like you, and trust you enough to buy from you. Stop procrastinating. Start Sending!

Regular Price: $50

DIY Graphic Design Primer

Kristin Rappaport of Applecart Lane

Shhh… Wanna know a secret? You don't have to be a skilled designer to create stand out graphics and visual content for your brand. You just need a little guidance from one! In this six-part video training, you're going to learn the basic principles of graphic design so that you can create more intentional graphics for your blog or online business.

Regular Price: $67

Grow Your Brand with Challenges E-Book

Kyshira Moffet

Ready to learn how to grow your brand with challenges? This tell all guide and planner will give you everything you need to map out your 3, 5, 7 or even 30 day challenge! Dive in as you learn how to set goals for your challenge that will drive your business forward;  how to find the right audience for your challenge; how to set the price of participation; developing content for the challenge; how to keep your audience excited and engaged.

Regular Price: $47

From Side Hustle to CEO- Mini Course

Nacondra Moran of Exceptional Tax Services

Ready to uplevel your Business? Let's take your Business from Side Hustle to CEO by laying the proper foundations to the money side to your Business.

Regular Price: $49

Canva Accelerator Lab

Sarah Masci of Bracken House Branding

Look and feel like a DESIGN PRO when you learn how to use all of Canva’s built-in features and the design hacks I share in this workshop!

Regular Price: $79

Podcast pitching made easy!

Sasha Korobov of EntrepreNotYet

De-mystify the process around pitching to podcasts, and get some free buzz for your business. This training walks you through how I have been booking awesome podcast gigs – and clients – through the (free!) power of pitching, and how you can get started – even if you have no clients, no email list, and no website. Really!

Regular Price: $97

Unconscious Blocks to Your Success Revealed FOR ONLY $97

Alecia St. Germain of The Conscious Edge

Even if you've had some success in your business, there's often doubt and fear when you're considering the next level. This is perfectly normal and it's part of the unconscious and primal parts of the brain designed to keep you safe. In the Immunity-to-Change Mapping process you'll reveal the unconscious blocks that keep you from being seen, making more offers, and impacting more people on a bigger scale, just to name a few. This new awareness allows you to be more tuned in and to make different and better choices than you normally would with less fear and overwhelm. This on-demand training will guide you fully through the mapping process and includes an opportunity to attend the LIVE Virtual Immunity-to-Change Workshop of your choice in 2021 for over 90% off the retail value.

Regular Price: $997